The Beginning

As far back as I can remember, I always had a fascination with African head-wraps (Gele) and what they represented. I had a view that this was much more than just a tradition but rather a symbol of glamour, flamboyance, femininity and off course a celebration. Gele’s had been worn for many generations but have now become more popular amongst the younger generation. The vivid colours and detailed patterns always blew me away especially after idolising my mother who, for special occasions, would team her gele with the traditional ‘Iro and Bubba’ (a wraparound skirt and a loose fitting blouse).

I discovered my passion for art and design at the tender age of 10 years old. As the years went by, my passion for fashion and interior design grew deeper and I decided that one day I would explore the option to become an interior designer. Many years later, my mother moved into a wonderful new home and in the midst of packing and unpacking, discovered that she had hundreds of these ceremonial fabrics used for both head wraps and clothing. With picture frames she had purchased from a local charity shop, she decided to cut them into different sizes with the intention of displaying the beauty and detail of each fabric as you would appreciate a piece of art. Friends and family were fascinated and undoubtedly impressed with the outcome and thus the OT&O Home Interiors business was established.

As African décor is known to be dynamic and inspiring we decided to expand the vision beyond just wall art. In the absence of limitation, OT&O went from naturalist celebrity-inspired rugs to colourful room enhancer cushions. We take pride in the creation of a brand that is guaranteed to inspire devotion for those who have a passion for art and design. We set out to provide designs with long lasting authenticity that have the ability to transform homes in an instance. Our home accessories are heavily influenced by the historical greatness of Africa. Our chosen colours are evocative of the legendary commodity riches of Africa; the beautiful burnt orange African sunsets and the various lively market places across the continent. The bold prints and eccentric collections make a unique gift for every occasion.

At OT&O Home Interiors, we believe that home is where the heart is. Welcome us into your home and allow us to bring the warmth into your sanctuary.