About Us

About Us

OT&O Home Interiors is your 'one stop shop' for iconic African-inspired home accessories; we guarantee to transform your homes instantly.

With a beautiful selection of authentic statement pieces ranging from hand-woven lace cushions to stunning wall art, you would be spoilt for choice on excellent gift ideas for any occasion. Our products are made from fine fabrics which combine a fusion of vibrant colours and unique textures aimed at transforming a simple room into your dream sanctuary.

Founded by home décor loving mother-daughter duo Enitan and Tosin, OT&O Home Interiors seeks to ensure that all tastes are satisfied with the variety of fashion-forward pieces on offer. The mission is to bring a sense of Africa to homes around the world.


Our Wall Art draws inspiration from the African head-tie which has become a globally recognised garment and has been a symbol of African tradition for centuries.

The head-tie typically covers all of the woman's hair and most of her ears and is usually accompanied by traditional African attire to make a striking fashion statement. Today’s fashionistas pair their head-ties with jumpsuits, short skirts and cocktail dresses.

Nigerians have many celebrations and with this means a lot of fabric. Instead of keeping them in her wardrobe Enitan decided to do something much more creative with her collection of head-ties. She decided to cut the head-tie fabrics into appropriate sizes and married them with picture frames she had sourced locally, her intention was to display the intricate beauty and detail of each fabric as you would a piece of art. Friends and family were fascinated and undoubtedly impressed with the outcome and thus OT&O Home Interiors business was conceived.